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The Group Trave
Time:2013-9-12   Sorce:Nantong High Pressure Valve Co., Ltd. Author:Administrator

In order to reflect the spirit of humane care, and further promote corporate culture, and the formation of good corporate solidarity and cohesion, and enrich their leisure life, relieve stress, strengthen everyone's sense of team, July 9 and 10, The leader of our company organized the whole employees went for a tow-day tour to Hangzhou and Shaoxing.

The West Lake of Hangzhou is a picturesque place. Ripping water is shimmering on sunny day , Misty mountains are shrouded the rain .It’s flashing innumerable beautiful natural landscape and dazzling historical monuments. We indulged in pleasures and didn’t want to come back.

Then we came to Shaoxing - Lu Xun's hometown, and we has seen black fold-top boat, black hat, black dried vegetables, Herb garden , Sanweishuwu(a private school) , Keyan , Jian Hu, Lu town. There has more bookish and Shaoxing wine aroma in the town than other region of rivers and lakes. Shaoxing as a museum without walls, stands in a modern shell. in the deep silence of the corner, in the small bridges and the twilight ,    The flavour handed down in history  is still gossamer floating.

This group travel, not only lets the employees to enjoy the beautiful scenery, delight the mind, cultivate a sentiment, but also enhances employees’ cohesion, sense of honor and the sense of belonging. We felt the company’s leaders care for employees, said to with more enthusiasm achieve the company's goals.                                                                              




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